Entrance Edit

Couch Mumblings Edit

Strong Bad sleeps on his couch and mumbles a random video game title before waking up.

Special Moves Edit

Neutral B - The CheatEdit

Strong Bad will call upon his lackey and pet The Cheat to help him Cheat to victory. Initially pressing B makes The Cheat come out in a still state. He will follow Strong Bad as he moves around the stage. Here, Strong Bad can choose what The Cheat can do to assist him;

  • Pressing B orders The Cheat begin to gnaw on anybody near Strong Bad for a few seconds, dealing continuous damage.
  • Pressing Side B orders The Cheat to vandalize any traps on the field. The Cheat will approach any trap in range and will vandalize it in a different way. A vandalized trap loses all functionality and can be passed through by anyone. The trap will return to normal functionality after 15 seconds, or if the trap's spawner holds B near it. This attack also lets The Cheat pick up items/character spawned items to bring to Strong Bad.
  • Pressing Up B orders The Cheat to give healing foods to Strong Bad, which heal a small amount of damage. This is the only order that requires a cool-down of 15 seconds.
  • Pressing Down B orders The Cheat return to Strong Bad. If Strong Bad puts The Cheat away, he can bring him out anytime.

If The Cheat is attacked long enough (or by a strong kick attack), he will be KO'd, now gaining a respawn time of 30 seconds.

Side B - Fthoom-BangEdit

Strong Bad takes out a set of Fthoom-Bang brand fireworks and will place them down. When placed, they will stick to whatever surface they are placed on. They can be picked up by anyone like an Electrode, with all the dangers of doing so. Once they've been on the stage for about 3 seconds, they will be set off. Sometimes, they will set off only the Fthoom, which makes them fly up in the air and blow up in said air. If someone is holding it while the Ftoom goes off, they will be pushed backwards. Other times, the Bang will be set off, which just sets off an explosion. Only one Fhtoom-Bang can be placed on the stage. Placed Fthoom-Bangs can be treated as traps.

Up B - The PaperEdit

The Paper will trans-dimensionally appear and will pull Strong Bad upwards for a decent diagonal distance. No matter where Strong Bad is, the paper will pull him up. If anyone is in range of The Paper, they will be dealt some damage. Beware of fire attacks however.

Down B - Prank CallEdit

Strong Bad will pull out Pom Pom’s cellphone and will press a handful of buttons. This will have him send a prank phone call to one of his opponent, who’s cellular device will being ringing, followed by a string of bogus lines. This prank call is random, and will distract the opponent long enough to disable their B moves (excluding their Up B). In some cases, the prank call will be so intense the phone explodes, dealing a decent amount of damage.

Final Smash - DeletedEdit

Strong Bad will do what he does best; check his email. He sits down on the Compy with a random email song, and he will open up his email. A picture of the closest opponent appears on his monitor, and he decides to delete it. He starts slowly backing up from the desk, slowly hopping. Then, when he reaches a certain distance, he will break off into a sprint, scream "A-DELETED!", and will body slam onto the computer desk. The selected opponent will feel the pain of the slam, and will be dealt heavy damage and knockback. If they are KO'd, their icon will display a "deleted' icon. If nobody is next to him while the smash is executed, there will be nothing to delete, and the smash ends.

Taunts Edit

Up: "I'm on a rampage!"

Sd: "Lemme break it down for you like this: I am the very strongest. You guys are not very strong."

Dn: *does a jig* "Come on get in the boooat, fish! Come on get in the boat, fish fish!"

Victory Screens + Failure/Clap Edit

1. "That guff didn't even stand a chance! Aah, that's what being an On-Point King is all about."

2. "Let's do a dance for the computer genius man." *dances w/ The Cheat*

3. "Another victim claimed by Strong Bad's powers of persuasion..."

4. (vs. Homestar) Homestar: *mouth full* "Well. So long suckas." Strong Bad: "It's like...even when we win...he wins."

Failure/Clap: So much...sweat pants

Standard AttacksEdit

  • Jab Combo -
  • Dash Attack -

Smash Attacks Edit

  • Sd - Strong Kick
  • Up - ???
  • Dn - 'lectric Boots.

Tilt Attacks Edit

  • Sd -
  • Up -
  • Dn -

Aerials Edit

  • N-Air -
  • F-Air -
  • B-Air -
  • U-Air -
  • D-Air -

Throws Edit

  • Grab - Grabbo Arm
  • Pummel -
  • Forward -
  • Back - Suplex
  • Up -
  • Down - Drop

Misc. Edit

  • Ledge Attack -
  • Ground Attack -

Snake Codec Edit


Character Description Edit


Classic Mode Edit


Extras Edit

Pawlette SwapsEdit

  • Default (R)
  • Blue (B)
  • The Cheat colors
  • Green (G)
  • Monochrome with black hair and Mustache
  • Original Book design
  • Stinko Man (Anime Look)

Victory ThemeEdit

Old Homestar Runner Theme


Free Country, USA - Strong Badia





Video Edit

Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Character Moveset- Strong Bad06:08

Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Character Moveset- Strong Bad

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