Special Attacks Edit

Neutral B - Chaos Sphere Edit

Shovel Knight shoots a green bouncing ball at opponents. They pass by them and bounce off walls. You can have two on screen at a time.

Side B - Mobile Gear Edit

Shovel Knight plants this mode of transportation on the ground. To start it, just attack it or hop on it. When you're on it, you can jump as well as jump off, move freely, and so forth. Others can hop on it for a ride, though, and you can get knocked off by opponents as well, so watch out for that. Also, you can only have one on screen.

Up B - Propeller Dagger Edit

Shovel Knight flies through the air with this blade. While, it's mainly vertical, you can angle its flight.

Down B - Fishing Rod Edit

Shovel Knight goes fishing, sending forth this anchor that can bury opponents. Press B to reel in the anchor. Do this over a platform and the anchor is dropped down, which won't snatch opponents out of the hole. It's also good for spiking, of course. It's also good for picking up items. This also lacks range, so it keeps going until it hits something. If it doesn't, it'll go back up by itself.

Final Smash - Catch Her Edit

Shovel Knight and the competition are transported to his dream sequence where you can happily pummel them senseless, though you can't KO them. Shovel Knight himself has superarmor. After this 12 seconds, Shield Knight appears, meaning someone must catch her. After a flash back to the stage, everyone gets launched. The opponent who catches Shield Knight will be safe from getting launched, though this won't launch Shovel Knight.

Taunts Edit

  • Up Taunt: *drinks from his chalice*
  • Side Taunt: *digs into a treasure chest and finds a gem*
  • Down Taunt: *faints*

Victory Options/Lose Pose Edit

  • Option 1: *stabs the ground and lands, holding aloft his blade in victory as he pumps it*
  • Option 2: *rests by a fire*
  • Option 3: *catches Shield Knight*
  • Failure: Looks down in despair with his blade in the ground

Video Edit

L-NEO Moveset Shovel Knight

L-NEO Moveset Shovel Knight