Dross appears disguised as a troll (With a towel covering his head) and says: "Hi! I'm the Troll!". In the Remake he says different quotes every time he appears.

Special Attacks (Remake)Edit

Neutral B - Top 7Edit

Dross summons a random number between 1-7, each one with a different effect:

  • 7: Very rare. 70% and a lot of knockback.
  • 6: A homming projectile.
  • 5:
  • 4:
  • 3:
  • 2:
  • 1: Same as 7, but against Dross himself. He'll recieve 70% damage and a "broken shield" state.

Side B - Me cago en Dios, gaste un poderEdit

Dross will "waste" his power throwing a very powerful fireball which will reload once you recieve 70% damage. Until then, this move is replaced by Dross throwing his books. Since they are "a success on all the Hispanic countries", you can spam them as much as you want.

Up B - Perturbing StormEdit

Dross will spin around causing a "perturbing storm" while he elevates. The more you charge, the more he'll fly and the more damage he'll deal. If you charge enough Dross will cause a storm that will suck up opponents.

Down B - Farted PizzaEdit

Dross throws a Pizza to the floor and farts on it. This pizza will be poisoned, and, like the storm, the more you charge, the more dangerous the poison will be. Dross can also pick up and throw the pizza to poison opponents or items.

Final Smash - Hunting FurriesEdit

Dross will disguise himself as Elmer Fudd and say that he's hunting for furries, putting all opponents on furry costumes. He also has a shotgun, and has as many bullets as opponents (plus 1). These bullets are very powerful, as much as the Side B fireball. If you spend them all, everything will go back to normal. A furry-proof trap by ACME will also be placed on the stage, causing a OHKO to any furry that falls on it. If you don't shoot and nobody falls into the trap, Dross will call the Bolivian Army's helicopter which will drop a nuke once you press B. Be careful not to nuke yourself. If you kill a furry on their last life a special cutscene will play where they fall into the trap and get killed in a brutal way.

Special Attacks (Original) Edit

Neutral B - WhiplashEdit

Dross will hit with the whip from one of his games

Side B - Me cago en Dios, gaste un poderEdit

Dross will "waste" his power throwing a fireball which will reload after 10 seconds.

Up B - OuijaEdit

Dross will use the powers of atheism to invoke a ghost and levitate with it (the ghost hurts).

Down B - Farted PizzaEdit

He throws it to the floor hitting opponents. It can be eaten by anyone, but there is a 1/2 chance to get poisoned. (except Dross)

Final Smash - I can't believe they're aliens!Edit

The Bolivian Army summons a Nuclear Helicopter that drops a bomb.

KO SoundsEdit

KO Sound 1: COÑO!

KO Sound 2: Coño!


Screen KO Sound: CoÑOOOO!

Taunts (Note: He talks in Spanish)Edit

Up Taunt: I'm a pretty pretty little Drossy (x8)

Side Taunt: Not all, but a lot of them


Victory Poses/Lose PoseEdit

Option 1: Shakes his arms repedly

Option 2: Moves his hand, like if he was fapping

Option 3: Does exercise, in underwear

Option 4 (vs. Retard Gamer): "Why do you follow me on Twitter?"

Option 5 (if you win thanks to the Final Smash on the Remake): *Old Dross is seen telling his grand-children how he got the trophy of the furry he killed*

Lose Pose: Shows the bird

Classic ModeEdit

Tutorial Rival: Game AVGN

Rival 1: The Joker: One of his favourite comic villains

Rival 2: Ash Williams: His favourite zombie killer

Rival 3: Ripley: His favourite Movie Heroine

Rival 4: Pope Francis I: He made some videos about him

Rival 5: Maiden Rikku: Both are Let's Players, and he's a little bit male chauvinist

Rival 6: Slenderman: He played his games

Rival 7: Kunashgi: He hates anime

Rival 8: Auronplay: They both do critics of reviewers

Rival 9: Skapokon: Both are reviewers accused of being Rip-Offs (Even if Skapokon is an Intencional one)

Rival 10: Blockbuster Buster: Both are Latin American Reviewers


(2011) Dross Rotzank Moveset - Lawl of the Dead

(2011) Dross Rotzank Moveset - Lawl of the Dead

Dross' Classic Mode & Moveset Remake - Lawl of the Dead

Dross' Classic Mode & Moveset Remake - Lawl of the Dead